Taste of Home Cooking School

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Taste of Home Cooking School will have a spring show Thursday, April 5. They're going to have a ton of prizes, and you get to see food prepared right in front of you. You can purchase tickets here.

Ticket prices range from $15 to $100. But it may be worth it! Local businesses will be offering samples, and merchandise will be on sale. These cooking classes aim to give out helpful tips and techniques at these cooking demonstrations.

According to their website, Taste of Home Cooking School has about 300 events each year across the country. Each show is about two hours long and features a demonstration of recipes. That means about 10-12 recipes total.

The culinary team shows patrons step-by-step how to create these dishes, and all show-goers receive a gift bag and cookbook. Beyond that, there will be various prizes, giveaways, samples, etc.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like show-goers get the opportunity to taste the food prepared, as per their Frequently Asked Questions.

"The logistics of purchasing and preparing enough food, the concern for safe food handling, plus the time needed to distribute samples to audiences of at least 700 prevent the cooking school from giving guests a taste of the featured recipes."

But if you know how to cook it, you're good to go! Anybody planning to go? Might be some great stuff going on!

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