Princeton Edition: Hong Kong Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 6:33 PM

After conquering all the Chinese buffets in Princeton, Chris and I decided to try Hong Kong, the last Chinese place and a sit-down one, at that. Located in the plaza along Stafford Drive, this small Chinese place offers to-go orders and a couple tables for dining in. We walked in and grabbed a menu off the counter so we could take our time deciding what we wanted.

I went with my go-to, General Tso's, so I could compare it to the other places. She asked if I wanted small or large; I said large. I didn't know what that meant exactly, but I went with it. We also got an order of crab cheese rangoons. We waited at a table while they prepared our order. They didn't seem busy at all. The whole time we were there, only one person came in to pick up an order. It's a pretty small space, with a small counter at the front with 10 of their specialty dishes pictured on the wall. A small TV with the local news station hung in the corner. Decorations were sparse.

Our food came out, and we grabbed in from the corner and came back to our table to eat. It came in one of those rectangular tupperware containers, and it was filled to the brim with general tso's - I'm guessing this is what large meant. I had a small takeout box with rice in it. I assume the small size would pair both of those together in the plastic container.

I was very pleased with the tangy/sweet ratio, and I liked the texture. When it was hot, I was willing to give it an A. When I ate the leftovers, they were so stringy, I didn't finish. I guess Chinese food doesn't exactly lend itself to leftovers, but the quality of the chicken really showed through. So, advice: order a small and only as much as you can eat when it's first served. Don't bother with the leftovers.

Grade: B
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