Morgantown Farmers Market

By Candace Nelson - 9:30 AM

Farmers Market
Farmers MarketThe Morgantown Farmers Market is the best thing that happens at 8 a.m. on a Saturday. If you're lucky enough to be awake this early, get the to the Marketplace Pavilion on Spruce Street to enjoy some of the best food Morgantown has to offer.

From fresh veggies and meats to bread and jellies, this place should be an addition to everyone's grocery shopping. It runs from 8:30 a.m. to noon on the corner of Spruce and Fayette streets.

Farmers Market
Tons of vendors were there on this particular week, including Backbone Food Farm (ramps, greens, mushrooms); Cheat Hill Farm (ramps, rhubarb, jams); Cheslock Farm (eggs); DeBerry Farm Fresh Produce (greens, hot pepper jelly); Evans Knob Farm (greens, duck, jellies, rugs, yarn); Fiddlehead Woodworking (cutting boards, bowls, spoons); Firefly Farms (cheeses); Forever Greene House (tomatoes, cucumbers, basil); Homestead Farmery (greens, onions, garlic); Hopping Acres/Lady Baa Baa (woolen items); Hawthorne Valley Farms (beef, asparagus, ramp vinegar); Mike's Berry Patch (jams, jellies); Mountain Diamond Longhorns (ground beef, steaks, brisket); Oak Grove Greenhouses (flowers, plants); Perseverance Farms (onions, spinach, peppers); Richardson Farm (asparagus, greens, jams); SFS Farms (flowers, onions); The Sheephearder's Kitchen (breads, sweet treats, desserts); Sickler Farm (flower baskets, vegetables, corn meal);  Stewart's Farm & Greenhouse (greens, herbs, plants); Two Cow Farm (pies, honey); Working H Farms (eggs, pork chops, beef).

Farmers MarketFarmers Market

On this particular trip, I stocked up on some kale, tomatoes, hot pepper jelly (a coworker at the Charleston Daily Mail made this, and I couldn't pass it up), stuffed ciabatta bread and banana bread.

Farmers MarketFarmers MarketAwesome. And I went back the following week. And I'll be back this week. Super pumped for strawberries.

They're going to be doing culinary demonstrations - so that's cool. More info on that here.

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