Marlinton Edition: Dirtbean

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

DirtbeanI was in Marlinton a few years ago as part of WVU's Uncovered Project. It was a very busy weekend, so there wasn't much time for exploring the actual town. But when I returned recently for the Roadkill Cook-off, we stopped into Dirtbean for a warm beverage.

DirtbeanIt was crazy busy, and the service was friendly - but not overly friend. Most likely due to the first part of that sentence. But the vibe in here is cool, with some comfy couches and mixed tables and chairs. We mostly just scouted out the only empty table and set up shop. It just happened to be near the bike fixer-upper area, which is a cool service they provide. Coffee shop + wellness info + bikes. Pretty cool concept.

DirtbeanI ordered a hot chocolate to help chase away the cold, so I can't comment on their food selection this time. But the hot chocolate hit the spot. It wasn't too sweet, but it was a nice balance. My only qualm was the sort of gritty residue chocolate that settled at the bottom. That happens.

DirtbeanIf you're looking for a chill spot for a nice hot beverage, check them out. That, or if you are big into bikes. That, too.

Grade: B
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