Milwaukee, WI Edition: Pizza Man

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Pizza ManSince my previous pizza experience was less than stellar, that pizza void was still not filled. I still had a pizza-shaped hole in my heart. Pizza Man filled it.

Pizza ManPizza Man is located in a fairly new space, despite being a Milwaukee landmark. In 2010, the restaurant burned to the ground. Three years later, a new building was found, and they're still building up the same sense of atmosphere they once had. I, personally, think they have it.

Pizza ManWe ordered the "Zak's Antipasto Salad," which had salami, aged cheese, fresh and pickled vegetables, greens, house vinaigrette and garlic bread. I apparently ignored the actually title of the dish and just read the description, thinking it was a platter - not a salad. So, when it arrived as a salad, I was surprised. Stupid.

First off, this garlic bread is heavenly. I love garlic bread, and this was so buttery, it was heaven. The salad was very good, too. Lots of huge chunks of salami and cheese, plus the house vinaigrette had the perfect amount of tang.

Pizza ManWe also ordered the Pizza Man Classic pizza - Artichoke A La Mode. It has a classic base, artichokes, tomato, basil, cream cheese, and we added garlic. Seems pretty standard, except ... that cream cheese. It's like a typical margherita pizza, add a little artichoke for some bitter briney flavor, and then the cream cheese just turns it into this creamy, even more delicious pizza. Seriously, why don't we also put cream cheese on pizza? Because it takes a good pizza to this amazing pizza. Seriously good.

Grade: A
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