Pittsburgh, PA Edition: Pittsburgh Airport - Rice & Noodle

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Rice & noodleYes, it really is kind of ridiculous to review a small counter-service restaurant at an airport. But, I have a point, promise. Mostly, I want to set up the fact that I traveled to Milwaukee for a work conference! So I have a good bit of Milwaukee posts coming up. I know they're probably not applicable to the majority of my audience, but I had a lot of fun and want to share that with you all. Plus, maybe you'll have to check out Milwaukee sometime -- you'll have a good food guide to start off with right here! :)

Bar Symon

So, Rice & Noodle is a counter-service Asian spot in the common area of the Pittsburgh airport. There are a number of other places for a quick bite - like Bruegger's Bagels, McDonald's, Nature's Kitchen, Quiznos, and Villa Italian Kitchen. I try to go for the more local option whenever possible, and this was Asian. So.

Bar Symon

Rice & Noodle opened in 2009, and serves up sushi, Japanese-style noodle soups and typical American Chinese classics like General Tso's chicken ... yes, I got General Tso's chicken. It's comfort food for me. And at an airport, which is generally pretty stressful, it's welcome. Was it good? Yeah, it actually wasn't bad. Decent quality of meat; everything was hot. The sauce was a decent balance. For quick, American Chinese, not awful.

Grade: C
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