Chicago, IL Edition: Pizzeria da Nella

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Pizza de nellaA few people who I work with are from the Chicago area, and one in particular has a family restaurant: Pizzeria da Nella.

Pizza de nellaWe were stuffed from dinner, but I didn't wanna pass up the opportunity to check out this restaurant. So, we ordered dessert. We ordered a Baba' Napoletana, which is a homemade baba' filled with whipped cream and fresh strawberries (it's noted as the most famous dessert in Napes Italy). We also ordered Delizia alla Fragola, which is a homemade sponge cake filled with limoncello and strawberry cream.

Pizza de nellaThe Baba' Napoletana, which I didn't realize contained rum, was amazing. The fresh whipped cream, sweet strawberries and nice little strawberry drizzle made for the perfect top of this cake soaked in rum. Oh my gosh.

Pizza de nellaThe Delizia alla Fragola was also quite good. A thick layer of strawberry cream covered a delicious spongecake.

Pizza de nellaI wish we were able to try even more, because judging by the dessert alone, it's amazing. That, combined with the friendly, family atmosphere (which varied from the very touristy places we were going otherwise) made for an excellent evening.

Pizza de nellaGrade: A
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