Chicago, IL Edition: Pequod's Pizza

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

PequodsThe fourth day in Chicago means the fourth (and final!) deep dish pizza: Pequod's.

PequodsThe process to get here was crazy. All of a sudden, it just starts downpouring, and we're racing through the streets of Chicago with water is pooling up at every corner. The wind was whipping and easily tossed my Hyatt-borrowed umbrella inside out. Once we finally reach the restaurant, my jeans were soaked up to my knees, and I could not longer feel anything in my shoes besides just wet.

PequodsDeep dish pizza will fix this.

At Pequod's, you can request a table during a certain time at least 24 hours in advance. I had done this, so once we came to the front, we were able to get quickly seated. This restaurant, known for its caramelized crust edge pizza, had a pretty hoppin' bar scene. We were kinda squeezed in this one area where my chair was tapped every time someone walked by. Annoying.

We ordered a pan pizza with mushrooms (because mmm). It arrived with a very dark crust (but crispy) and was sectioned out for us. First bite: crisp (little too dark) crust, kinda meh sauce, tons of mushrooms. I'm sad the sauce here was just lackluster. I was really pulling for it. I feel like Pequod's isn't one of the major, major pizza places, and it was the outlier. I really wanted it to be tasty. But, I think it was my least fav. Maybe it's because it's the fourth pizza in the fourth day?

Grade: B
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