Morgantown Edition: Cottrell's Country Store

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Cottrells Country StoreCottrell's Country Store is located on the outskirts of Morgantown, right before you cross into Pennsylvania. I didn't really think much of this small store, but a few friends who have lived in this area have noted they have some pretty good food. That, of course, prompted a visit from me.
Cottrells Country StoreCottrells Country Store

After work, I called ahead and put in an order for a stromboli with spinach and mushrooms. They called back a while later and said they were running out of spinach, so I just said not to worry about that one.

CottrellsOnce I arrived, I was a little surprised at the store part. Lots of random stuff. It looks a little (lot) neglected. Refrigerators with no doors on, boxes standing up along the wall, a bag of chicken nuggets in with the ice cream freezer. Just, weird.

CottrellsBut. The stromboli they cooked for me looked pretty baller. Take a look.

Cottrells Country StoreAnd once I got home and dug in, it was really quite good.

Cottrells Country StoreThe dough is homemade, and the sauce and cheese were very good. It was huge, not pricey, and I was very impressed. My only qualm is, really, the appearance of this place. Made me question the cleanliness or freshness, but those weren't concerns once I tasted it.

Cottrells Country Store

Cottrells Country Store

Cottrells Country Store

Grade: B
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