Morgantown Edition: Evansdale Crossing - Two Birds Chicken & Panini Pete's

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Two Birds ChickenWell, we have talked before about all the new restaurants at Evansdale Crossing. And, new this year, are two more new restaurants: Two Birds Chicken and Panini Pete's.

Two Birds Chicken

Two Birds ChickenTwo Birds Chicken replaced Collo Rosso. It features - you guessed it - chicken. Chicken fingers, chicken sandwiches, fried or roasted chicken plates, chicken salads and chicken-topped mac & cheese or jo jo potatoes.

Two Birds ChickenI wanted to try something simple, so I went with the chicken tenders and a side of macaroni & cheese. I also asked to try each of the sauces: Two Birds BBQ, White Sauce, Herb Vinaigrette, Ranch and Honey Mustard. The chicken fingers were pretty small, but I think I got an extra one? Not bad. My favorite sauce was the honey mustard. The mac & cheese was the best part - so, so cheesy.

Panini Pete's

Panini Pete'sPanini Pete's is located at the top of Evansdale Crossing within the Octane space. Don't worry, there are signs to help you figure out where to go.

Panini Pete'sThe menu spans burgers, paninis, beignets (?), and salads.

Panini Pete'sSo, I ordered the "House-roasted medium rare roast beef panini," which was sliced thin with homemade gorgonzola spread, onion confit, tomato, baby greens and dijon on focaccia bread.  This was very tasty. Tony had to wait quite a while for his sandwich, but we headed outside to eat on the rooftop, which was cool. My sandwich was very tasty, fresh and perfectly grilled, too. The housemade chips on the side were a good addition.

Panini Pete's

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