Morgantown Edition: Let's Taco Bout It

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Let's Taco Bout ItLet's Taco Bout It is a new food truck in Morgantown that has been making its late-night taco rounds downtown. It recently made an appearance during a daytime event, so I was sure to swing by and get my fix.

The truck featured:

  • tacos (hard or soft) with choice of chicken, beef or bean, lettuce and cheese
  • burritos with choice of beef chicken or bean, cheese and rice 
  • Taco in a bag with choice of beef, chicken or bean, lettuce, cheese, and Nacho Doritos or Andy Capp Hot Fries
I had two soft tacos with chicken and I have to say, I wasn't really impressed. Seemed like chicken with packaged taco seasoning. Plus, the tacos were cool. There's not anything that was particularly bad about the tacos, but nothing particularly good, either.

Let's Taco Bout ItMaybe as they get up and going, they'll bring out some more offerings. I'll wait for that.

Grade: C

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