Pittsburgh, PA Edition: DeLuca's Diner

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Deluca'sDeLuca's is a very well-known and beloved diner in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. It has a massive line out of the door around the clock.

Deluca'sIt's so well known that Adam of Man V. Food visited DeLuca's to take on the massive breakfasts they serve as part of his Pittsburgh trip. If it's good enough for Adam, it's good enough for me.

Deluca'sThe restaurant, which claims to have the best breakfast in town, is cash only -- just note that before you venture here. As we waited in line, we noticed the awards for their breakfast items plastering the entry way. Even though we were closer to lunch time by the time we were seated, I couldn't pass up the best breakfast in Pittsburgh.

Deluca'sSo, we were seated near the door, and it's very clear they cycle through tons of people on the regular. We weren't really warmly greeted. Instead, we were supposed to have our order ready by the time our waitress made her first stop at the table.

Deluca'sI took a few minutes before deciding on the Belgium Waffle Sundae. It comes with a choice of apples or strawberries with French vanilla, hot fudge and caramel topping, whipped cream and honey roasted pecans all atop a waffle. I also ordered a side of sausage to balance out all the sweet.

Deluca'sThis thing is gigantic. It's like breakfast and a dessert all in one. Who's keeping track? I basically ate all the toppings and about 1/4 of the waffle before I was totally full. But, who can pass up ice cream on top of a waffle? It's like the best combo - like a fresh-baked cone almost. It can all get mushy pretty quickly. But wow.

Deluca'sSausage on the side was good, and Heather love her giant display of everything else breakfast: eggs, toast, bacon and pancakes. I think you have to be in the mood to wait in line for this breakfast food, but it was quite good. Even served with a side of surly.

Deluca'sGrade: A
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