Barboursville Edition: Farley's Hot Dogs

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Farley’s hot dogs

There are two locations for Farley's Famous Hot Dogs: Barboursville and Hurricane. It appears there used to be a Milton one, but I can't find that.

One of the most venerable hot dog stands in the Tri-State, the first Farley's Famous Hotdogs opened as a Stewart's Hotdogs stand in 1968.This was followed by additional locations in Milton, which opened in 1986, and Hurricane in 1990. The drive-ins eventually split from the Stewart's franchise about a decade ago. Today, the three Farley's locations are a family operation. Harry "Buck" Farley co-owns the franchise and runs the Hurricane location. His mother, Phyllis Farley Ferrell, runs the Milton hot dog stand, while his son, Spencer Farley, runs the Barboursville location with his siblings Ryan and Morgan. (Herald Dispatch)
I pulled up, and the guy working ran up to my car to take my order. I simply got one hot dog with sauce - not chili here - slaw, mustard and onions. Delish.
"My late grandmother came up with the with the original recipes back in 1969," Farley said. "The hot dog sauce is unique because of the spices. Our sauce is a touch of everything she made over her lifetime. A lot of people confuse sauce with chili. They're two different things. Hot dog sauce is something unique to West Virginia, which is not chili. Our recipe is unique. It has nothing to do with any other drive-in." (Herald Dispatch)
Have you been?

Farley’s hot dogs

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