Huntington Edition: Surin of Thailand

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Surin of Thailand

Thai food is one of my favorites.

Surin of ThailandSo, when I was spending a leisurely day in Huntington and came across Surin of Thailand, I knew I wanted to check it out.

Surin of ThailandSurin of Thailand actually has a few locations in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and Mississippi. Huntington's is the only in West Virginia.

Surin of ThailandI looked over the menu and went with my standard pad thai to test the waters. But first, out came a soup - full of mushrooms and scallions.

Surin of ThailandThen, I ordered the "crab angels," which honestly, I could just live on if I needed to. I love these things no matter where I go.

Surin of ThailandAnd the pad thai was a giant helping, and I pour the peanuts all over for some crunch. Really tasty.

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