Wardensville Edition: Wardensville Garden Market + Bakery

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Wardensville Garden Market

I headed over to the Lost River area to check off the last state park on my list.

Wardensville Garden MarketAnd while in the area, of course I wanted to check out some local fare.

Wardensville Garden MarketOne place that I recently heard of was the Wardensville Garden Market + Bakery.

Wardensville Garden Market

The Wardensville Garden Market + Bakery is a nonprofit farm that employs local youth, encouraging their entrepreneurial spirit through small-scale sustainable farming in an education-rich environment. Our goal is to enhance the knowledge of local youth by teaching them how to run and sustain a successful small business, and by offering opportunities to pursue new career paths, through classes and scholarships.  We reinvest 100% of every purchase and donation made back into the program to hire and inspire even more young people (ABOUT).

Wardensville Garden MarketHow cool is that? The bakery is really cute and known for these gigantic cinnamon rolls. They even had free samples of cookies!

Wardensville Garden MarketAs I was getting ready to leave, I saw the entire other half of the place - the market!

Wardensville Garden MarketIt's such a cute space with some great local products.

Wardensville Garden MarketHave you been here yet? What's your favorite item?

Wardensville Garden Market

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