Saucy Jo Hillbilly Hot Sauce

By Candace Nelson - 12:30 PM

Wild wonderful box

Saucy Jo Hillbilly Hot Sauce is a local hot sauce that has "layers of flavor" with a unique twist.

James Kozak was culinary trained at the Culinary Institute of America, the World’s premier culinary college located in Hyde Park, NY. Jim has over 25 years of cooking experience including positions of head chef and sous chef at exquisite establishments such as Retro Bistro and Le Chantecler in Boulder, Colarado. Jim has done it all from baking, to sushi, to throwing pies at his own pizza shop.

Now Jim is the founder of SaucyJoLLC. A dedicated strongman and crossfit enthusisast, Jim plans to take his sauces and prepared foods to a new level to help everyone lead a healthy lifestyle (SOURCE).
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