Bridgeport Edition: Baking Memories

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Baking Memories

There are a bunch of small bakeries popping up all over the state, and I'm always more than willing to check them out.

Baking MemoriesBaking Memories in Bridgeport offers a variety of custom goods, but they also have plenty of treats in store - like cupcakes, cookies and pepperoni rolls.

Baking MemoriesWhile perusing the single-serving cupcakes, I found one that had caramel drizzled on top. That's the winner!

Baking Memories
It turns out to be an apple crumble cupcake.

Baking MemoriesSo, it was like an apple spice cake with apples inside, a caramel icing and an oat crumble on top.

Baking Memories

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