Wheeling Edition: Bridgelin Chinese Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM


On my way to visit my parents recently, I stopped in Wheeling to pick up a ton of food so we could have a mini feast at home.


Bridgelin Chinese Restaurant is not unlike many other Chinese restaurants in the area - you have General Tso's, lo mein and eggrolls. But items like steamed flounder, peking duck and lobster tail were not ones I see every day.


Here's a sampling of what we tried: veggie lo mein, sesame chicken, walnut chicken, sweet & spicy Thai chicken, general tso's, garlic shrimp, crab rangoons, udon noodles and spinach dumplings.


Overall, not too bad. Nothing was especially standout - as either good or bad. But I did appreciate the udon.

Grade: B

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