Beckley Edition: Sam's Hot Dog Stand - Robert C. Byrd Drive

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Sams hot dogs - Beckley

Sam's Hot Dog Stand is a well-known hot dog joint in southern West Virginia. And me, being me, decided to try all of them so I can complete the list. Well, friends, this is one of the last ones.

Sams hot dogs - Beckley

We're at a gas station on Robert C. Byrd Drive in Beckley. The Sam's has a whole separate section with an awning, and those are my favorite. It looks like a true little shop of its own. 

Sams hot dogs - Beckley

And on this day, I somehow got lucky! They were giving out a coupon for two free hot dogs with any purchase. So I purchased a pepperoni roll and a drink and got two hot dogs - with ketchup and onion on this day.

Sams hot dogs - Beckley

I'm always a fan of the English bun, so that was perfect. Nice little hot dog overall.

Sams hot dogs - Beckley

The pepperoni roll, though, was definitely homemade and really tasty. Just a touch over the "well done" side, but good nonetheless.

Grade: B

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