Charleston Edition: Mia’s Panaderia

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Mias Panaderia

Mia's Panaderia is a sweet, small business that sells Mexican and Honduran sweet breads and baked goods. I found her on Facebook, and she is related to the folks at Melange Cafe, so products are also sold there.

Mias Panaderia

But there are so many goodies that you can order on Facebook - rather than seeing what's available daily at the cafe - that I wanted to make my own mixed box. I took a look at the menu available and pretty much ordered one of everything available at the time! PLUS, she happened to be making Tres Leches Cake that day, so I opted for a slice of that, as well. 

Mias Panaderia

These couple of photos are actually from her - I love that she labeled each of these items! The wedding cookies were slightly sweet little balls; the azucarada was like a strawberry sugar cookie! The marranito is like a gingerbread; besos are coconut and jelly; and my empanada was filled with pineapple - delish.

Mias Panaderia

But look at this absolutely beautiful concha. I'm not kidding when I say these should be the next Instagram food trend. They're beautiful, reminiscent of sea shells and are tasty. But my absolute favorite was the tres leches cake. It was ... maybe the best cake I've EVER had. It was moist and sweet and rich and just ... perfect. I could've eaten an entire cake. It was unbelievable.

Mias panaderia

And, she even sells pepperoni rolls. Did I mention her items are vegan? The pepperoni roll has a vegan pepperoni and cheese. I can say it's the best vegan pepperoni roll I've had. They're probably a good option for vegan friends who miss that taste of home. For me, I might stick with a more traditional roll ... but I love that these exist.

As a side note, the owner is just the absolute sweetest. Not only did I get super excited upon seeing this bakery and placed an immediate order, but the owner met me in the middle of quarantine (in complete PPE!), taught me how to pay her with Apple Pay (just via text - without a machine!) AND make the transaction super quick since I was *possibly* not in a correct parking spot. Just an all-around lovely experience.

Grade: A

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