Glenville Edition: Tudor's Biscuit World

By Candace Nelson - 8:46 PM

Grenville - Tudors

Another day, another Tudor's bisc-- ... or is it? No biscuits this visit, folks! When I went to the Glenville Tudor's Biscuit World location, I skipped a biscuit in favor of something different. 

Grenville - Tudors

If you've been following along, you know that I've been trying out all the Tudor's Biscuit World locations in West Virginia (partially because I want to support local business and partially because so many restaurants have shut down during Covid19 that this is one of my few options to eat local), and making my way through the biscuits. I've officially finished every single biscuit. So let's try some lunch options.

Grenville - Tudors

There are really some delicious meals to choose from. And on this day, I went with the meatloaf, a side of mashed potatoes and a biscuit! I could make my own meatloaf sandwich (one of my favorite, homestyle meals!). It's as close to homestyle as you'll get in a drive-thru. And, it sure hit the spot on this day with a super tender slice of meatloaf, topped with a sweet tomato sauce. 

Grade: A

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