St. Albans Edition: Crafts of the Coal

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Creations of the coal

When there is ice cream, I will, in fact, travel. And, a while back, I headed over to St. Albans to check out the Crafts of the Coal ice cream truck. While they're currently done for the season, they are doing pints to order! I wanted to be sure to share a little about them before I forgot (and as I'm slowly making my way through my blog backlog).

Creations of the coal

They had been sitting up next to Crawford Field in St. Albans, dishing out cold treats on warm days. The menu had fairly standard ice cream options like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. But the "WV Pothole" seemed to be their specialty with chocolate ice cream, black-tar fudge and chunks of chocolate asphalt. Sara had this and seemed to enjoy it. 

Creations of the coal

That might be a bit of chocolate overload for me, so I went with cookie dough and added Butterfinger pieces on top of it! Why not? Combining cookies and peanut butter and crunchies made for a unique, but delicious, combo. 

Creations of the coal

What would your concoction be?

Grade: A 

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