Morgantown Edition: Ray's Rub

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Ray’s Rub

Ray's Rub
is a new seasoning blend located in Morgantown that I've been wanting to try. Why this one? Well, it's an all-purpose seasoning blend - meaning it works on beef, pork, turkey, chicken... and the list goes on.

Ray’s Rub

I got lucky and won some on an Instagram contest - 6 to be exact! So, they made perfect little presents for my boyfriend, friends and parents. So, we could all try a little bit.

Ray’s Rub

And - so far, so good! I've used it to season ground beef - and it added some nice flavor! And, maybe, just maybe, it might make an appearance on my Thanksgiving turkey. We shall see. But if you, like me, appreciate an all-in-one, versatile spice that punches up the flavor of everything just a bit - give it a try. 

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