Charleston Edition: KSBoards

By Candace Nelson - 9:45 AM


If I could afford it, my regular diet every day would be a charcuterie board. I love snacking, and cheese may be my favorite food group. Paired with fruit, pickles, and other fun nibbles, it's perfection on a plate - or board.


I just learned of KSBoards in Charleston and put in an order as soon as I could. I ordered a small munch box, which included meats, cheeses, spreads and fruit. There are a few different options - like brunch or other snack trays - but this one had me written all over it. And look how cute the little utensils are! 


Ordering was super easy - simply go to the Facebook page, open the Google form, select what you want, receive an invoice then pay! They even did free contactless delivery - which was perfect. 


The Bonne Maman preserves were delish, plus there were crackers, salamis, raspberries, blueberries, grapes, a creamy spread, these cute leaf cheeses and more cheese, olives, pickles, nuts and chocolates! It was so, sooo good. What's your favorite addition to a charcuterie board?

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