Ripley Edition: That Donut Place

By Candace Nelson - 11:30 AM

That donut place

That Donut Place, a Ripley-based donut food truck (!),  is something unique for the area. So when I saw the green truck out and about, I made it a priority to stop.

That donut place

They specialize in mini donuts, frozen lemonade and coffee. And, it's more like a fork-and-knife experience. Think a dozen or half-dozen mini donuts in a bowl, topped with all kinds of goodies. I went with the Country Roads: Mini Donuts, Chocolate drizzle, Caramel drizzle, Pecan pieces, topped with Mini Marshmallows. This was tasty, but I kinda wished I was able to actually taste the donut itself. It seemed to fade into the background.

That donut place

Plus, I had to get a strawberry lemonade. If I were smarter, I would've gone with a coffee or something rather than a sweet drink so it's not sweet on sweet. BUT, it was still delicious and refreshing and I loved it all the same.

Grade: B

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