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I've been blogging for my internship blog for awhile, but since I've finished that, I thought I'd give an update here. I'm beginning my last week of class before Thanksgiving Break, and I couldn't be happier. Work has been very rough, to say the least. And, I need a break from classwork as well. I plan on spending most, if not all, of my break with Chris, and that's also a welcomed change.

I spent this past weekend cleaning my very, very dirty apartment. In my last blog, I talked about how October was very busy - Las Vegas, presidential football game, The Daily Athenaeum retreat, Gwen's wedding and then my trip to Louisville.

Gwen's wedding was gorgeous, and I had an excellent time. The only downfall was that Romney's McDonalds closes before 11 p.m. on a Saturday. Ridiculous, I know. Chris and I went to Sonic instead, where we loaded up on goodies. That was fun.

Louisville was slightly lame. Melanie and I saw the Louisville Slugger Museum and drowned our boredom in liquor, as per usual. That ended up being fun. The ride home, however, included Melanie vomiting at least five times. Not so much fun.

Ride to Louisville
So, with all these trips, my apartment was quite dirty, and I've never felt so refreshed to clean the place from top to bottom. This may be symbolic of the chaos going on in my life right now. Changes are going on at work, and I've nearly been losing my mind. It felt good to have one portion of my life under control.

This break is very welcomed. VERY welcomed. I'm excited to get away from Morgantown for awhile and see the boyfriend. I'm also excited to see more of the state. Hopefully we'll go back to Pipestem (maybe), and see a lights show. Regardless, I know it'll be fun.

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