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I'm currently sitting in a Princeton McDonalds attempting to fill out graduate school applications, internship applications and browsing the social networks. Chris doesn't have internet or TV, so this is my best option. I've hit a point with the applications and whatnot where I simply need a printer to finish anything, so I think I'm at a standstill. What better time than now (amidst a group of teenage boys staring and screaming babies) to blog about Christmas.

I spent this Christmas with Chris, mostly because my parents decided they would be ultra Christian and not celebrate it this year because it's a "Pagan" holiday. Instead, I get a week in October where I'll get presents. Yeah, I don't understand it either. Alas, we spent Christmas together, and it was a good time.

I made my very first dinner.

I got an iPad for Christmas.

I got Chris WWE Smackdown tickets to a house show.

Now, it's New Year's Eve. Chris has to work, and I'm stealing internet. Not ideal, but I guess I'll make it work.

Update 1/2/10: After I left the Princeton McDonalds, I was able to see Chris. We went to Danny's, a nice little bar in downtown Princeton. It's probably one of my favorite bars because it's very chill and relaxing. It's not a super young crowd, and I can appreciate that.

On New Year's, though, they had a DJ, and there were some younger people, but it was a very nice time. After the bar, we went to the Omelet Spot. Since it was the only place in Princeton open on New Year's, it was packed. We waited two hours for our food, but it's not like we had anywhere better to be. I really enjoyed just spending time with Chris.

I'm now at home, and I plan on finishing all my applications. My birthday is Thursday (I'll be 22), and Chris will be back for that. I'm hoping for a nice dinner and movie. I think I've hit the point where I no longer have fun birthdays, aka I'm getting old, so I'm satisfied with a nice evening instead of a party.

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