Tutto Gelato

By Candace Nelson - 8:15 AM

This High Street staple is a favorite to locals and college students alike. Maybe it's the novelty, or maybe it's because everybody likes ice cream. Regardless of the reason, you aren't a true Morgantowner if you haven't tried Tutto Gelato.

Gelato is Italy's version of ice cream. According to Tutto Gelato's website, it has three main differences. "Gelato typically contains less butterfat compared to ice cream. Premium ice cream adds air to the product which double the quantity. Lsss air is added to gelato, creating a higher quality dessert wit ha richer, creamier taste. Gelato is served five degrees above zero, compared to ice cream which is served ten degrees below. This enhances the overall flavor of gelato as it melts in your mouth."

A gelateria is a pretty cool addition to the Morgantown scene. I doubt there are many in the entire state, so it's nice to see something different. However, about a year ago, I was in Italy, and eating gelato was my main hobby. Because Italy is the birthplace of this divine treat, it's hard for me to compare the two without being biased in Italy's favor, but I'll try to rank according to local settings.

The location is easy, but parking is usually a nightmare. If you can snag a spot on High Street or walking down from campus, it's no problem. You walk up to the counter to order - they usually have 18 or so different options to choose from. They change often, but they have a special, fruit kinds, chocolate kinds and other creative variations. If you're a student, you get a 10% discount, and if you check in on FourSquare, you also get another discount.

Once you decide on a flavor, you pick which size you want: piccolo, bambino, medio or generoso - from smallest to largest. I opted for a bambino size of a peanut butter, chocolate chip mixture. It comes in the small cup with a fairly flat spoon. Don't expect creamy ice cream from a gelato place - instead, Tutto Gelato is nearly melting as you spoon it into your mouth. It's almost an icey texture, not necessarily smooth, but more like a cross between ice cream and a snowcone. My flavor was decent - the chocolate was like hardened dipping chocolate, as opposed to small chocolate chunks. The flakes tasted as though they were dark-chocolate too. The peanut butter flavor wasn't overwhelming, but just enough to give it a hint. But overall, the gelato wasn't bad. It's a nice cool treat for summer with fun flavors that you can't just get anywhere. And, it's different. The service was super friendly, and you can even get samples if you're not sure what to get. Check out my post at dubVmenus.tumblr.com.

Grade: B
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