Charleston Edition: Su-Tei

By Candace Nelson - 3:06 PM

Su-TeiSu-TeiIn a Kanawha City space that previously housed a Block buster is new restaurant Su-Tei. Su-Tei is a portmaneau of sushi and Thai - so think of the theme here as Asian fusion. And I've been wanting to try it out since I first wrote about it for the Daily Mail (and the Gazette later did, too).

From talking with the owner, I knew he had some restaurants he managed in New York City, and he was hoping to bring some of that vibe to Charleston. From the outside, you can see some glowing lanterns and long curtains, but it's not until you're inside that you get get that luxurious feel they were going for.

Su-TeiThe dark woods and white leather furniture stands out against the gorgeous floors and other modern Asian decorative elements. There's even a garden and waterfall in the center of the restaurant, as well as a bar, sushi bar and private dining area. Carl was a bit less impressed with the ambiance - thinking it was a bit too trendy - but I thought it was lovely. And while there were some people dressed up, I felt fine wearing my jeans.

Okay, you can read all about that in my story. Let's move on here.

Su-TeiThe service here was just, well, odd. I think our server was trying to crack jokes or be smooth, but it just wasn't working for him. Sorry.

However, my food was pretty damn good. They had a number of noodle and curry dishes, as well as sushi.

Su-TeiI ordered an Alaska roll - I think - which was salmon, cucumber and avocado. They were decent-sized rolls that were well done. Fresh, full of ingredients and good texture. I was a fan. So much so that I dropped one on the table and even ate it. Gross, I know. Oh well.

Su-TeiFor my main entree, I ordered chicken pad thai. They give you the option to have it regular/medium or spicy. I went with regular, and Carl got his (with duck) spicy.

First, we got the miso and salad. I liked this soup much better than others mostly because there were a bunch of mushrooms. By bunch, I mean like three. But, hey. That works for me. The salad I always skip. But this ginger dressing was less offensive than most.

Su-TeiThe pad thai, though. Mine was a bit more sweet and saucier than I've had in the past, but it was quite tasty. And it was a huge, huge portion. There were whole chunks of chicken - skin, too - mixed in. I could've gone without the skin, but it was kind of crispy enough to work. I really liked it, though. I think I wouldn't have minded a little heat to balance the sweetness. Always next time. And Carl's? Well, he didn't need a to-go box, so I think he enjoyed it.

Here they are on Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Grade: A
Su Tei Asian Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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