Bridge Day 2017

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Bridge DayI've wanted to zipline from the New River Gorge Bridge ever since I learned that one can do such a thing. There's only one day a year you can do it: on Bridge Day. I'm not skilled enough to jump from the bridge or rappel, so I figured this was the one way I could get involved. And my best friend Kaitlynn was by my side.

Bridge DayBridge DayWe registered months in advance to secure our spot, and the whole thing took most of our morning. We waited our turn, walked out onto the bridge and ziplined one by one. It was pretty cool to walk on the catwalk and see the whole gorge below you.

Bridge DayOnce we landed at the bottom, we then took the bus into the gorge to watch people parachute down to the bottom.

Bridge DayBridge DayAnd, of course, there's so much good food - I got a cowboy platter from a local vendor that had pulled pork, sausages and a tortilla.

Bridge DayWhat's your favorite part of Bridge Day?

Bridge Day

Bridge Day

Bridge Day

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