Buckle's Cocktail Snacks AND 10% coupon

By Candace Nelson - 9:56 PM

Buckles Cocktail Snacks

Y'all. I've been trying to write this blog post for a few days now, but I literally cannot. stop. eating. this. chex mix.

Buckle's Cocktail Snacks is a brand-new product with an age-old recipe. This spicy, salty, crunchy mix from Tyler Jordan combines pretzels, cereal balls, corn chips, whole grain circles, rendered bacon fat, accent salt, celery salt, garlic salt, worcestershire sauce and tobasco to create an addicting snack. 

Many folks have a little spin on their own homemade chex mix, but Tyler's recipe originated with his grandmother who passed away a decade ago. Her recipe was legendary in the community, and Tyler has mastered it. Now, he has put his own twist on it and is adding additional flavors, too.

Buckles Cocktail Snacks

"When I learned how to make it years ago with my grandma, I didn’t use measurements. I go off of culinary instinct. I know what the sauce is supposed to look, smell and taste like. However, I’m working on creating exact recipes, potentially for a Medium, Spicy and Spicy BBQ," he said. 

Tyler was kind enough to not only bring some of the "Original" by for me to try out, but to also share with you all. Head over to his Etsy Store and use the code "CANDACEFOODWV" to get 10% off your order! (No, I don't get a cut of this, but yes I did get to sample for free - and I want to share with you!)

You can also get it at J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Work and Peace, Love and Little Donuts in Charleston.

Buckles Cocktail Snacks

And, if you take a close look at the label, you'll see that culinary genius runs in the family. This mix is made in a cottage kitchen by Hernshaw Farms - the folks bringing us delicious mushrooms grown on reclaimed mine land.

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