Morgantown Edition: Von Blaze Sandwiches

By Candace Nelson - 6:59 PM

Von Blaze

Have you heard of Von Blaze Sandwiches?

Von Blaze

The current food truck and soon-to-be restaurant is dishing out some super creative sandwiches, wings and fries. 

Von Blaze

I happened to get lucky and found Von Blaze out and about while in town. You may recognize Chris McDonald as the former chef at Stefano's who has been recognized for the incredible food he put out. So, I had high standards.

Von Blaze

The first thing on the menu that stuck out to be was the "lobster dog." This housemade lobster and shrimp "hot dog" has napa slaw, fingerling potato chips, brown butter mayo, on a toasted New England style bun. 

Von Blaze menu

That sounds weird, which is right up my alley. First of all, take a look at this beautiful specimen. It's not a regular hot dog. The potato chips on top are like these beautiful waves of crunchy, salty goodness. 

Von Blaze

And it really is like seafood in a hot dog, but it works. It's more like seafood with a hint of salt and crunch and cream with the mayo. It all works for a weird Appalachian twist on a lobster roll. 

Von Blaze

Grade: A

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