Elkview Edition: Bee Box Coffee

By Candace Nelson - 8:05 PM

Bee Box Coffee

A roving coffee truck is making its way through the Kanawha Valley.

Bee Box Coffee

Bee Box Coffee sets up in Scott Depot and Elkview currently, and I was able to catch them at the latter location. 

Bee Box Coffee

The little trailer is cute with its honeybee theme. They were out on a supply run when I arrived, but I stuck around because I already was struggling to find time to visit them. They were out of a few things, but in general they have lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, loose leaf teas and frappes. 

Bee Box Coffee

I ordered a caramel frappe - not realizing it would be totally cream-based and no coffee - but it was still very tasty, just without the zip. Sweet, thick and super creamy.

Bee Box Coffee

Grade: B

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