Charleston Edition: Local Eats Food Truck

By Candace Nelson - 8:45 PM

Local Eats Food Truck

Local Eats
is a new food truck that has been making the rounds at area events.

Local Eats Food Truck

I was able to check them out at the Clay Center on a very warm day. 

Local Eats Food Truck

One thing that's really fun about this food truck is that their offerings are creative. They're embracing food truck cuisine in a fun way: walking tacos, walking banana puddings, waffled chicken tenders, and more. 

Local Eats Food Truck

After a bit of a wait, I received my food. The chicken tender waffle cone was tasty - a sweet waffle cone filled with hunks of crispy chicken bites drizzled with BBQ sauce and there was a side of syrup, too. I managed to get two things that didn't have flat bottoms, so I was balancing things precariously.

Local Eats Food Truck

The walking banana pudding was my favorite. Because it's like such a smart idea that I haven't seen elsewhere, and it's so simple. And so good.

Local Eats Food Truck

The mac & cheese wasn't bad; you could tell it had been reheated though, as it was separating a bit. So, they're still new and nailing down the timings - but the food, I would go back just to try out the rest of the menu.

Grade: B

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