Morgantown Edition: XiCha Bubble Tea & Hershey's Ice Cream

By Candace Nelson - 12:21 PM

Xi Cha

I'm pretty sure at some point I've tried bubble tea and/or ice cream at the Morgantown mall, but I couldn't see an official review. So, let's get to it. 

Xi Cha

XiCha Bubble Tea & Hershey's Ice Cream is located in the food court beside Wong's Wok. The two must be connected in some way because they seem to share workers and a POS machine. There is a variety of ice cream, but I went for a strawberry milk tea with some mango popping boba. It was really quite good. I'm not a fan of tea, but the milk tea takes away the flavor of tea. Instead, it was like a strawberry milk with some little pops of juicy citrus. What's your favorite combo here?

Grade: A

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