Morgantown Edition: Tea Time Bakery

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Tea Time BakeryMorgantown is now home to something brand new. Something completely different.

Tea Time BakeryTea Time Bakery, located at 185 Holland Ave. in Westover, features "Unique and Asian pastries, danishes, tarts, and desserts!"

Tea Time BakeryAsian desserts are something different, something new for the area. And, that makes me happy. I was in Westover getting my oil changed when I passed this bakery, so I decided to stop in.

There are a few parking spots, which is nice, and the inside is larger than I anticipated. There is a giant case full of delicious tarts, pastries, cupcakes, buns, rolls, breads, donuts and cookies.

Tea Time BakeryThe woman behind the counter was so friendly as a I casually bounced from case to case checking out the options. I was looking to find something different. And, different I found.

Tea Time BakeryI choose a Portugese Egg Tart, a Spring Onion bun, a Mango Tart and a Crispy Shredded Pork Bun. The woman placed all my items on a tray as I moved back and forth through my choices and rang me up. My total came out to about $8, and I was on my way.

Tea Time BakeryThe Portugese Egg Tart was my favorite. A small custardy, flaky bite that was reminiscent of creme brulee in all the right ways. I meant to save half of this so my friend could try it. But it all ended up in my belly. Oops.

Tea Time BakeryAlso pictured there is the mango tart, which was also delicious. Sweet, custardy and tasty. I didn't realize sweets were big in Asian cuisine, but after some chatting, I have discovered that they are - and they are big on more savory items, as well.

Tea Time BakeryThe Spring Onion Bun was a simple, buttery with green onion on top. It's simple, but good.

Tea Time BakeryThe Crispy Butter Shredded Pork Bun wasn't my favorite of the bunch, but it was definitely different. Shredded pork that was dried and woven throughout the bun made it tasty. I wouldn't hate a mashup between the Spring Onion and Shredded Pork bun. That would be pretty good, I think.

Tea Time BakeryIt's pretty cool that we have a new addition to Morgantown. And, they've only been open a month, so I imagine they will continue to add new items. If you are passing through, be sure to stop and check it out. And, do not pass up that Portugese Egg Tart.

Grade: A
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