Barboursville Edition: Gringos And Botanas

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Gringos & Botanas

Gringos & Botanas is a "quirky" Mexican join in Barboursville.

Gringos & Botanas

When a Former Marine from Clearwater, Florida, A horse rescuing and dairy goat farming gal and Mexican Restaurateur from Guanajuato meet up. . . you get Gringo and Botanas: A Quirky Mexican Joint
Gringos & Botanas
Chips & salsa were immediately brought to the table, which was mild and refreshing.

Gringos & BotanasThe interior here was pretty - bright, beautiful colors and lovely art.

Gringos & BotanasThe menu had many standard items, but others with more creative takes. I went for a nachos appetizer to snack on while getting some work done.

Gringos & BotanasPlease imagine me lifting up each nacho in an effort to maximize the queso on each chip. Because that's what happened until this massive pile was gone. Yum.

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