Huntington Edition: Tudor's Biscuit World - Hal Greer

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Tudor’s Biscuit World - Hal Greer - Huntington

Guess who's back... back again... Tudor's is back... Tell a friend. This is the deal: We're visiting every Tudor's in West Virginia and trying all the biscuits - let's go!

Tudor’s Biscuit World - Hal Greer - Huntington

First of all, have I mentioned that Tudor's has approximately one million locations in Huntington? It's true. This one, located on Hal Greer, was next on my list.

Tudor’s Biscuit World - Hal Greer - Huntington

And for the biscuit of the day: It's the potato melt! Or, affectionately called the tater melt. Carby? Yes. Filling? Yes. Having a crispy hash brown is super key here. But, I can't be mad at biscuit, potato and cheese.

Grade: A

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