Princeton Edition: Dragon Palace

By Candace Nelson - 10:47 PM

Dragon Palace is one of two Chinese buffets in Princeton. Located right on Stafford Drive, it's pretty convenient, and its large blue building makes it easy to find. Chris and I decided to make it a Christmas Eve tradition to eat Chinese food, and this was the place we chose last year. It's around that time, so we decided to check it out again.

At night, this restaurant has alternating red and blue lights in the windows. The other thing I noticed was their bevy of prices. They range from about $5 to $13. For this evening, it was only $5. That's really quite a steal. When you walk in, there is a counter with a menu behind it. You can order to-go easily. But if you walk into the door on the right, there is the buffet.

Three rows of buffet islands, six total, are centered in the dining room. A ton of seating is available all around. The usuals are all here: general tso's, beef and broccoli, crab cheese rangoons, sweet and sour chicken. All were good, too. Nothing was outstanding and super memorable, but nothing was terrible either. The other Chinese buffet in town, Peking House, has more options, though. I feel like they have more varied options instead of the same thing prepared a couple different ways.

The other odd thing on this particular day was that their credit card machine wasn't working correctly. The woman took down my credit card number in a notebook with tons of other numbers to run it at a later time. That didn't exactly sit well with me, but it's not like I had another option.

For the price. it's really hard to beat it. The food is good for the basics, and I'm never disappointed to come here. While the buffets in Princeton aren't the best ever, they are pretty good. Either is a good option.

Grade: B
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  1. We drive 30+ miles to this Chinese restaurant. The great people who run it used to be in our town, but moved the restaurant to Princeton. That saddened an entire town, but our loss is Princeton's gain.

    Pluses: Wonderful staff, very, very, very clean, and great food.

    1. Wow - that's a good way! Where did it used to be?


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