Late Night: Hotdog Man & Morgantown Tacos

By Candace Nelson - 12:57 AM


UntitledUntitled While a large city with a vibrant nightlife may don dozens of late-night food services for the club-goers, Morgantown does so on a smaller scale. Two options: Hotdogs and Morgantown Tacos.

The Hotdog Man has been a staple downtown forever (here). Though, honestly, I didn't know about it until more recently. He goes out onto High Street at midnight, and this guy can make a hotdog in about a half-second. $2 with any toppings you want, and you're good to go. There's another hotdog vendor, Byrdman, who does the same, but hasn't been around quite as long.


UntitledUntitledAnd then there's the more recent Morgan- town Tacos, who sits outside of Joe Mama's starting at 11 p.m. Check their Twitter because I won a free taco recently!

UntitledBottom-line is that it's made for the drunk college crowd. But, hey, it's probably something you should try before you leave town (holla December grads!)

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