Cleveland, OH Edition: Campbell's Sweets Factory

By Candace Nelson - 1:49 PM

CampbellsMy Saturday was going to start off in an epic way - a visit to Melt. We arrived just a few minutes early, so we traversed a giant snow mountain and stopped in Campbell's Sweet Factory first for some treats.

Campbells Sweets FactoryThe store has floor to ceiling covered in popcorn, fresh made candies, chocolates and more.

Campbells Sweets FactoryThe cases held so many goodies, I can't even describe - turtle cupcakes, strawberry cupcakes, peanut butter cups, chocolate-covered pretzels, and so much more.

CampbellsI had to get a buckeye, because Ohio. And I had to get the salted caramel cup because it's impossible for me to pass that up.

Campbells Sweets FactoryBuckeyes are delicious. I didn't realize they were an Ohio thing until, like, two years ago. We always had them in grocery stores and stuff. But that may be because I grew up near Ohio? Not sure.

The caramel cup was also good, but not light and delicate.The cup took some power to bite through. All in all, I'm not sure you can give a candy store a low grade.

Grade: A  
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