Morgantown Edition: Soul Brothers Chicken & Seafood

By Candace Nelson - 11:28 AM

Soul BrothersSoul Brothers Chicken & Seafood, located at 236 Walnut Street, recently opened as the town's only true soul food restaurant. The restaurant is another endeavor in part by Ray Glymph, the young entrepreneur who also has a hand in 4th & Goal, Morgantown Taco Truck and Liquid Lounge.

Soul BrothersSoul Brothers has been pretty active on social media, ramping up excitement for their grand opening. So, when they announced a soft opening, I gathered up my coworkers and headed there. We were the first people in line.

Soul BrothersIt's in the former "Are U Hungry/Sandwich U" location on Walnut Street. Walk up to the counter, read over the menu on the TV screen and choose your meal. They have a "soul wrap," which is a chicken wrap, chicken and waffles, chicken strips, shrimp meal, fish meal, po-boys and more. Plus a ton of sides, like macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, collard greens, red beans and rice, yams, biscuits, cornbread and more.

Soul BrothersI ordered the 3 piece chicken strips meal with macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes as my two sides. Oh, and a brownie. They have a few desserts made at the counter. It also came with two sauces. They have a ton of sauces to choose from - ranch, buffalo, garlic parmesan, soul sauce, sweet baby rays BBQ, Franks Red hot, Carolina tangy BBQ.

Soul BrothersI got a BBQ and the garlic parmesan. My food was out pretty quickly; I think the chicken strips may have been just made and were ready to go. A coworker ordered the wings and had to wait a bit on his. But we were able to pick up our meals at the pick up side along with some plastic forks, claimed a booth and dug in while watching the TVs around the restaurant.

Soul BrothersSoul BrothersThe chicken has a nice peppery flavor, and I alternated between the BBQ and garlic parmesan sauces, but ultimately stuck with the BBQ. It was pretty good. The macaroni and cheese was also tasty - very soft but a tiny bit of crunchy breadcrumbs on top, and I love that the mashed potatoes had the skin in there for flavor. The truth is, this is the kind of food I would love to live on. It's hot, crunchy, creamy and comforting. I love that there are a ton of sides, and I really want to try the fish soon because I've yet to see a decent fish sandwich in town.

Soul BrothersSoul BrothersCoworkers liked their wings, collard greens and fries, too.

My brownie was super rich and soft. I wouldn't have minded a little crisped edges, to be honest. But that's just personal preference.

My only real negative is I wish the refills were accessible to customers. I'm not going to bother the workers to refill my cup because they're busy, and that's annoying.

I know Dirty Bird across the street is another option folks find for soul food. They do have decent chicken there, but I just liked this place. It felt homey and comfortable. And, I know people will be mad I got boneless chicken strips. Well, suck it. It was delicious. I LOVE having a ton of sauces to mix up and choose what I'm feeling that day. I LOVE the tons of sides and wish I could've tried them all. They're making fried food and comfy sides. And I don't hate it.

Soul BrothersGrade: A
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