Boston, MA Edition: Salt & Olive

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Salt & Olive

Kaitlynn and Josh are olive oil lovers.

Salt & OliveSo when we had a few moments, we stopped by Salt & Olive.

Salt & OliveThis shop is a chef's dream.

Salt & OliveFrom salt and olive oil to balsamic oils, I wanted to try a bit of everything.

Salt & OliveThey have ones with mushrooms infused! And garlic! So good.

Salt & Olive

They had a fig balsamic that was soo good.

Salt & OliveIt comes at a price, though, and I didn't want to deal with checking a bag. So I had to skip on purchasing for now.

Salt & OliveKaitlynn, however, has a punch card for how often they buy the olive oil.

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