Bruceton Mills: Spent Grain Cafe

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Screech owl & spent grain

I've been to Screech Owl Brewing many moons ago.

Screech owl & spent grainSince my last visit, they expanded to include a restaurant.

Screech owl & spent grainThat restaurant is called Spent Grain Cafe.

Screech owl & spent grainIt's such a neat concept that they're using spent grain from brewing for their pizzas and sandwiches - and pepperoni rolls!

Screech owl & spent grainOf course, their main star here is the beer.

Screech owl & spent grainSo, we ordered a sampler to try a bit of everything.

Clutch wingsI couldn't get enough of the Wild & Wonderful Strawberry Ale.

Screech owl & spent grainWe tried a pizza - and it's neat that the crust is almost a little sweet.

Screech owl & spent grainAnd the pepperoni roll!

Screech owl & spent grainWe ended up getting them to go, but they were fresh and warm.

Screech owl & spent grainThis is definitely one of the more unique pepperoni rolls I've had!

Screech owl & spent grainHave you been here yet?

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