Nitro Edition: Island Teriyaki 2

By Candace Nelson - 10:09 AM

Island Teriyaki 2

Some time ago, the Kanawha Valley was blessed with "yum yum balls." Yes, you read that correctly. A food truck-turned-restaurant called Island Teriyaki was a local favorite, and they dished out their signature meal - yum yum balls. They are these delicious fried rice balls covered in teriyaki and a yum yum sauce.

Island Teriyaki 2

Good news, dear reader, they're back as Island Teriyaki 2. 

Island Teriyaki 2

Island Teriyaki started off as a food truck that then turned into a brick-and-mortar location in Hurricane. They then switched locations again. And then, it seemed like they went off the radar for some time.  Now, they've reemerged in yet a different form - as the food component at a bar in Nitro called "Rebar." 

Island Teriyaki 2

Let's get into it. First off, parking is a little strange and tight right outside the bar, but there is an open lot across the road. This bar seems like a local's joint with one bartender and a space that is well-worn. It's an odd match for the Island-themed food, but who am I to judge? My order took a good bit longer than the quoted wait time, but once it came out from behind the tiny curtain to the kitchen, I was ready to go. 

Island Teriyaki 2

These yum yum balls are mostly like I remember. They have grilled teriyaki chicken, veggies, white rice, cheddar cheese all panko crusted, fried and served on a bed of rice. These ones are teriyaki, drizzled with yum yum and topped with green onions. I may have built them up in my mind a bit more as absence makes the heart grow fonder. They were a bit dry inside, which put me off just a bit. But, they're still very tasty. I also tried The Dude Dry, which had all kinds of delicious fry toppings - chicken, cheese, spicy pineapple sauce - and they were also great. Of course, you'll need to eat these fast to avoid the sog. Overall, though, good food.

Grade: B

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