The Wild Ramp - Harvest Kitchen's Tasty Reads Book Club from Cicada Books & Coffee

By Candace Nelson - 3:05 PM

Wild Ramp dinner

Just wanted to do a fun, quick little blog post about the delicious food coming from The Wild Ramp! Did you know that in addition to all of the delicious market items they sell, they also have a kitchen? Harvest Kitchen! 

Wild Ramp dinner

They've been partnering up with a food-themed book club at Cicada Books & Coffee, the Tasty Reads Book Club, to pair a themed dinner along with the monthly book. 

Wild Ramp dinner

Buttermilk Graffiti was the book last month, and I really enjoy it. The menu featured a fried porkchop with pickle gravy and miso corn, spring salad with pickled watermelon, and cabbage rolls with labneh. It was all pretty tasty - but I especially was crazy about the vinaigrette on the salad. Have you tried it yet?

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