Barboursville Edition: Twisted Grille

By Candace Nelson - 11:56 AM

Twisted Grille

You may have seen the Twisted Grille food truck around the area, but did you know they now have a physical location in Barboursville? It's not huge, but there are a handful of tables for indoor dining, as well as TVs if you want to watch the game.

Twisted Grille

Specializing in breakfast, Mexican dishes, sandwiches, hot dogs, and burgers, the restaurant has a little bit of everything. But I thought it would be fun to be able to try a couple of their specialties in a breakfast burrito - a 10" tortilla stuffed with eggs, cheddar jack cheese and a meat of your choice. I went with the specialty pipeliner, which had sausage, hash browns and country sausage gravy added.

Twisted Grille

After a little bit of a wait, my burrito was steaming hot and ready to go. It was large and in charge and stuffed full of egg and other tasty bits. This was definitely heavier on the egg that the other components, which was especially evident in the edges where I tended to get a bit bite of tortilla only. Still, lots of melty cheese to bring it all together. Not bad.

Grade: B

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