Weston Edition: Curated

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

CuratedWhile in Weston, I stopped at this cute little shop called Curated. They have a number of local goods, but especially some fun local foods!

CuratedI love those wooden spoons and needed one for my collection.

CuratedThen there's sugar scrubs from Bon Savon.

CuratedI have some of these jams from Smoke Camp Crafts - roadkill and ramp!

CuratedAnd then there's "Up The Creek" which had chow-chow, hot dog sauce and more.

CuratedThis hot red pepper jelly from MJ's Mountain Made will be great with crackers and cream cheese.

CuratedSo many herbs!

CuratedAnd this was my haul. Did you know there's cold press apple cider being made in Gassaway? Thanks to Lanagan Lodge, I do now.

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