Third Annual Malden Salt Fest

By Candace Nelson - 5:56 PM

MALDEN Salt Fest

I've finally made it to my first Malden Salt Fest.

MALDEN Salt Fest
The 3rd Annual BB&T Malden Salt Fest will be Saturday, September 28th! This event is free to the public and will host artisans, food vendors, musicians, lecturers and activities from all over Appalachia to celebrate the history of the Kanawha Valley. Specifically the history stemming from the Salt Industry that once thrived in the valley, and now, thanks to Nancy Bruns and Lewis Payne, continues to prosper in a new light. 2019 marks the 200th anniversary of the establishment of the Presbyterian Church in the Valley. We will celebrate this as well.
MALDEN Salt FestWhile I didn't have much time to spend here, I made a quick trip to check out some of the vendors and food, of course.

MALDEN Salt FestMy first stop was for a pepperoni roll from Kelli's Catering.

MALDEN Salt FestShe had this huge banner that said "Pepperoni Rolls" and I almost asked her where she got it because I would also like one.

MALDEN Salt FestInstead, I went for a homemade pepperoni roll!

MALDEN Salt FestAnd, as if one pepperoni roll wasn't enough, I made my way to the Salt-Works Snack Shack.

MALDEN Salt FestThey had a list of pretzel, popcorn, chips, and pepperoni rolls.

MALDEN Salt FestInitially, I thought these may be homemade at JQ Dickinson.

MALDEN Salt FestBut, they were from Swiftwater - still one of my local favorites!

MALDEN Salt FestDid you get a chance to go?

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