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By Candace Nelson - 12:33 AM

A few weeks ago, I had Sunday off because MLK Jr. Day was Monday, so at a newspaper, that means I don't have to work the day BEFORE, but I have to work the day OF the holiday. Anyway, Kaitlynn Anderson (friend from high school and subsequently college) decided to catch up at Colasante's.

I hadn't seen Kaitlynn for awhile, and I used to drive past Colasante's every day when I worked at Elder-Beerman (summer before last), so the date was made. We went around lunch time Sunday, so I was expecting it to be a little busy. In fact, it was quite the opposite. There was one other table when we arrived, and as we were leaving, there was one other table occupied. Also, it is way smaller inside than I imagine. The building looks pretty big, but the dining are is only a portion of the size.

It has the sports bar/restaurant feel, with a dozen TVs perched on the walls, and sports memorabilia tacked everywhere. We were seated in a booth and began perusing our menu. The menu was pretty basic (and printed on cheap paper), but included various Italian salads, hoagies, pasta dishes and pizza. It had the Italian staples, and that's what I was going for. I actually had a difficult time with the menu because I would've been happy with nearly anything. I decided the baked ziti with meatballs. 

The dish came with a large salad, which was quite nice for a side salad. It had the typical lettuce, tomato, onion and mozzarella cheese, and it was drizzled with french dressing. It was delicious, but I wanted to save room for my main dish. The waitress, all the while, kept my glass full of Pepsi so I was a happy camper.

Topped with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese, the baked ziti was garlic-y (just the right amount, not too much), and cooked slightly al dente. The sauce was delicious, and the meatballs were succulent. The mixture of garlic and herbs was true to Italian flavor, and two large pieces of garlic bread topped off the meal. Everything tasted fresh, too, and it was hot out of the oven. For only $15 with a drink and tip, this can't be beat. I had so much, I even took a to-go box home and had it for dinner. It was just as good cold, too.

Colasante's has a simple, laidback atmosphere with dozens of options all at a reasonable price. It's definitely a place to go to on game day, have a good Italian dish and maybe a beer or two. I'll definitely be going back, along with a few friends.

Grade: A
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